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Jan Fran is the host of the award-winning ABC podcast, The Pineapple Project. She has also hosted the Plan International Australia podcast, Sexism and the City, and co-hosted the SBS podcast, The Few Who Do. 

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Jan Fran is currently writing her first book, a memoir entitled Of Middle Eastern Appearence, which will be published by Hachette in 2021.

She was a summer columnist for The Sydney Morning Herald and has also written for news.com.au, Mamamia, The Victorian Women’s Trust and ABC Life.


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Jan Fran is an emcee and keynote speaker who has worked with not-for-profits, charaties, major brands and government agencies. She’s hosted book launches, chaired panels, emceed fundraisers and taken part in debates.  Jan can talk on a number of issues but is particularly passionate about gender equality, Australian identity and news in the digital age. Please watch Jan’s showreel before you ask her to emcee or speak at an event just so you get a vibe.




November 2019 | Winner | Walkley Award for Best Commentary, Analysis, Opinion and Critique | The Frant

Aug 2019 | Shortlisted | Best Podcast | The Few Who Do | Mumbrella Publish Awards

Aug 2019 | Highly Commended | Best Use of Video | The Frant | Mumbrella Publish Awards

Aug 2019 | Shortlisted | Columnist of the Year | Mumbrella Publish Awards

July 2019 | Shortlisted | Best Journalist | BandT Women in Media Awards

Mar 2019 | Finalist | Best Branded Podcast | Australian Podcast Awards | Sexism and the City

Aug 2018 | Winner| Best Use of Social Media | The Frant | Our Watch Awards

May 2018 | Finalist | Walkley award for Women’s Leadership in Media | In the Age of #Metoo

Aug 2017 | Finalist | Best TV/Radio personality | Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Woman of the Year Awards

October 2015 | Finalist | UNAA Media Peace Award | Abuse in disabled schools 

October 2013 | Finalist |UNAA Media Peace Award | Prison Letters  

May 2012 | Finalist | Walkley Young Journalist of The Year | Minorities in Uganda