Jan Fran was once described by a very drunk girl in the line to the toilet at a music festival as, “that girl who talks about politics on the internet,” which to-date remains the most accurate description of what Jan does.

She is the creator, writer and presenter of the online opinion segment, The Frant, and her videos have been viewed more than 20 million times.

Jan is also a Walkley-award losing journalist and TV presenter who is best known for hosting The Feed on SBSVICELAND, Medicine or Myth on SBS, The Project on Network Ten and the podcasts, Sexism and the City and The Few Who Do. 

Jan has shot and produced documentaries from all over the world for TV networks and brands and has appeared as a commentator on Q&A, ABC Breakfast, Paul Murray Live, Studio 10, The Latest, The Today Show, Insiders, The Drum and Triple J’s Hack.

Jan is an ambassador for Plan International Australia where she advocates for women and girls and her strong reporting on women’s issues earned her a 2018 Walkley nomination for Women’s Leadership in Media.

In 2010 Jan moved to Bangladesh where she spent one year living in Dhaka and working as a communications specialist for UNICEF.  She has also lived in Lebanon, France and Uganda. She speaks three languages, most of them terribly.

Jan will probably emcee your event if you ask nicely and will definitely emcee your event if you pay her. Jan likes money!

Writing about myself in the third person is hard you guys.